Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Internet access has become increasingly difficult and is preventing me from updating the blog. For some reason, what used to be 6 hours of internet access is now 15 minutes of access and it's not enough time.

What I can tell you is that being in Beijing is like being inside a cloud. It's a cloud with a taste too; a bit salty like the ocean, except I know there's no ocean. 

We have been working, working, working, and I think everyone is beginning to be exhausted. I'm trying to memorize an essay that I need to know well enough to say out loud tomorrow. Memorization isn't a study technique that any of us have had to use a lot, so it's tough. 

I've decided to leave some of my worn out clothes here in China, and I'm going to refurbish my wardrobe with some new things from Beijing. I think a shopping trip is in order, but I might wait until the cloud thins enough that I can see outside of the building.


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