Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, I have been back from Romania for a while now. It was a really good trip. I should go back someday. We didn't get to see Bucharest.

The final countdown is going now, only five days left. Everything is in a kerfuffle though, I can't figure out what airline I'm going on or how much stuff I am allowed to bring with me. Maybe I will try to ship some of my books. I have been living with Charlotte since I got back. My other host family had to go off for the summer. We spent some time up in Szirák and we went to Szentendre, lots of museums.

Today I will be going to a thermal bath, finally. I can't believe it's taken me all year to get around to it. Yesterday, we toured around the old Jewish district. OK, five days and I will be on a plane! Szia,


Monday, June 22, 2009

Romania Photos

Photos taken by my friend Erin when we were traveling in Romania.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Guess where I am? ROMANIA! That's right, I have been staying in Transylvania for a couple of days now and it is awesome! I came with a couple of friends and a senior tour group. I took a train down to Bekescsaba and then on the 15th we loaded onto a short bus and were off. Getting through customs wasn't difficult, only long. They didn't even look at all of the Hungarians passports, but they took ours off to their secret little building and made us sit there for ever. Don't know what all of the fuss was about. Photos to follow.

Monday, June 8, 2009


The last orientation passed, wow. That's kind of frightening really. I won't ever see most of those people again. Wow.

I missed half of it too because I stayed in Budapest to take my SAT on Saturday morning. It sikerült anyways. At least its over. I hadn't been in a room with that many Americans all year. I didn't get to talk to any of them though, because afterwards I had to book it to Keleti to get my train to Jászberény on time. I was early, but all the people that I asked for help gave me bad info. Hum. Oh well, when I finally got to the orientation they were in the middle of playing some kind of game. Here's the run down of it.

There is a net set up like a tennis net, but with string, everyone stands on one side of it and you have to figure out how to get everyone to the other side (through the net) without them touching the string. Basically, this means everyone has to be picked up and shoved through. It was fun though, pretty hysterical. We have come a long way from the first orientation. Somehow I doubt that it would have worked then. There were a lot more games too, for some reason they all seemed to involve picking each other up... IDK why?

Saturday evening AFS had a surprise in store for us. At about eight, the volunteers led us to some random field and had us stand in a circle. We weren't allowed to talk or stand next to someone from our same country. After a really long time, one volunteer at a time would choose someone randomly and lead them off somewhere. When I was finally picked, I got lead all over the neighborhood. Trust me, the reason is still kind of beyond me. He took me to a playground, a statue, to look at trees, around the block, into someones driveway, etc. I was so confused. Finally, we arrived a this random building with more volunteers in it. They asked me (all stern and serious like) "Was it you that did it?" By that time I was cunfundled so I said, yeah, of course it was. Then they looked at my bracelets... Huh? OK, after giving some random volunteer a hug, they lead me into this dark room with all of the other AFSers who had gone before me in it. They gave me a tea light. After a couple of hours, once everyone had finally arrived, they did an "oh so CBHS" what I am grateful for ceremony. I guess that was the point.

So, we came back to Budapest yesterday afternoon. The train was so sticky, HOT. Rain. Hot. Rain, pretty repulsive. Today I have to pack, or at least start, because after Romania I am going to my friends house for the last two weeks. Wow, this is going by too fast. I have to go and have lunch before my Fabien óra starts, OK,


Thursday, June 4, 2009


So, things are all over the place here right now. No one really seems to know whats going on, including me, so many things to prepare for.

Yesterday, after school, I went to see Angels and Demons with my friend from Quebec. It wasn't half bad really. I will have to read the book in a couple of years when I've forgotten who won! Afterwards we met a guy from New Zealand.

Tuesday I went walking around Budapest with the girl from Belgium before the monthly meeting with AFS. She needed a new back pack, but the most we could come up with wasn't right. You wouldn't believe how many purses are for sale in Budapest though, they re everywhere! So after was the meeting. In the same tiny, hot cafe as always.

This weekend will be the orientation, unfortunately I have to take the SAT on Saturday, but I still have to make it to the orientation somehow, any suggestions? OK, I should get going, so much to do. Sziasztok,