Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is a picture of a statue on Romer Floris.


This is Templom, a building on Romer Floris.

Google Earth Budapest

This is a google earth image of the street that I will be living on, Romer Floris.
(click on image for better view)

Margit Island

This is a picture of Margit Island which is just down the street from my host families house. It has parks, swimming places, and tennis courts.

Romer Floris

This is a picture of the street in Budapest that I will be living on, it is called Romer Floris utca 18, Hungary.

Csovi the Bunny

This is a picture of Csovi the Hungarian bunny eating lettuce.


This is Szotyar (Bag) the Hungarian dog who lives with my host family!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hungarian National Anthem


God Bless the Hungarians
With good cheer and prosperity.
Extend a protective arm
If they fight the enemy.
Torn by misfortune for long,
Give them happy years.
These people have expiated
The past and the future.
By Thy help our fathers gained
Kárpát's proud and sacred height;
Here by Thee a home obtained
Heirs of Bendegúz, the knight.
Where'er Danube's waters flow
And the streams of Tisza swell
Árpád's children, Thou dost know,
Flourished and did prosper well.

For us let the golden grain
Grow upon the fields of Kún,
And let Nectar's silver rain
Ripen grapes of Tokay soon.
Thou our flags hast planted o'er
Forts where once wild Turks held sway;
Proud Vienna suffered sore
From King Mátyás' dark array.

But, alas! for our misdeed,
Anger rose within Thy breast,
And Thy lightnings Thou did'st speed
From Thy thundering sky with zest.
Now the Mongol arrow flew
Over our devoted heads;
Or the Turkish yoke we knew,
Which a free-born nation dreads.

O, how often has the voice
Sounded of wild Osman's hordes,
When in songs they did rejoice
O'er our heroes' captured swords!
Yea, how often rose Thy sons,
My fair land, upon Thy sod,
And Thou gavest to these sons,
Tombs within the breast they trod!

Though in caves pursued he lie,
Even then he fears attacks.
Coming forth the land to spy,
Even a home he finds he lacks.
Mountain, vale - go where he would,
Grief and sorrow all the same -
Underneath a sea of blood,
While above a sea of flame.

'Neath the fort, a ruin now,
Joy and pleasure erst were found,
Only groans and sighs, I trow,
In its limits now abound.
But no freedom's flowers return
From the spilt blood of the dead,
And the tears of slavery burn,
Which the eyes of orphans shed.

Pity, God, the Magyar, then,
Long by waves of danger tossed;
Help him by Thy strong hand when
He on grief's sea may be lost.
Fate, who for so long did'st frown,
Bring him happy times and ways;
Atoning sorrow hath weighed down
All the sins of all his days.



June 11, 2008 8:38pm Eastern Time

This is the premier of my life as a blogger. Hope I can figure out all of the buttons and gizmo's.

Yesterday I received a message from 'Mathew' from AFS Hungary! I called back and he went on to explain that AFS Hungary had found me a host family! There is a mom, dad, and at least one daughter, who is currently 14.

I guess that the dad travels a lot for work.

The mom was a vegetarian for 10 years once and is willing to take a vegetarian into her fold.

I don't yet know if there are more children.

They lived (or at least one of them did) in Australia for a time, so they (or some of them) speak English. This could prove the greatest gift or something to struggle with, but I am sure that everything will turn out great! I am very excited to be living in Budapest! Yay for public transport! And what could be cooler than an Aussie-Magyar family!?!