Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, it's officially over. Thats seriously hard for me to wrap my head around. Wow.

But its not really the end, there are still AFS meetings, camps, future studies abroad, and facebook to keep me connected to it all.

The return trip went by like a haze, one moment I was sitting on the never-ending flight from Budapest to Zurich, and then I had a seat on Swiss Air to JFK NY. Possibly the worst part was the wait in JFK airport. 6+ hours because my flight was delayed a bit, and the knowlege that most of the other AFSers around the world were already home and I would probably never see them again.

Someday though. Going on an exchange is an experience that cant ever be duplicated. Nothing can compare to how you feel the first month or the last. It might feel like a dream for the most part, but it will forever remain one of the most impotant years of my life.

Vera BP 08/09

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today has been a pretty quiet kind of day. I'm attempting to finish a book before I leave. I went out to walk around a bit, last real day in Budapest and all that. We are heading off to Szirák tomorrow afternoon, so tonight might well be the last night I spend here. That's depressing, but I will come back. I don't really doubt that somehow.

Tonight I am going to a Bangladeshi restaurant with some people. Tomorrow more of the same maybe. The Rotary exchangers are all gone now. Time has really flown.

No more news. I'm really excited!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So the thermal baths were awesome! There were lots of different kinds of pools, hot cold, warm, mineral, and more things I don't even know! In one was this circular wall that contained a whirl pool, slightly dangerous and full of human missiles, but FUN! Then there was one entirely for swimming, one with fountains, and one set at 10 degrees Celsius, or cold! We went into the sauna for a while (burned our feet sufficiently) then plunged into the freezing pool. There was a French girl looking at the pool and the people in it like they were out of their minds. You numb right up afterwards though. Next to the saunas were salt caves, you are supposed to sit in them for a long time, but we just had a look.

Szécsényi, the bath we went to, is supposed to be one of the best in Budapest, it was really great. Maybe some day I will go to a Turkish bath too or maybe not. They're a bit more nude in those I'm told.

Today, I walked around Budapest for a while, but it was really hot so I came back.32 degrees! HOT! I'm glad that I will miss the real temperatures in Budapest this summer, I don't know if I would survive.

The last preparations for my trip back home are still underway, I have a feeling it's going to be a mad rush right up until the very last second. Hope everything works out, see everyone back in the USA soon!