Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, I am going to get to go to Poland in April. It's nearly all sorted out now!

This week has been pretty intense, just so much to do, but I get to go to swimming every day but Thursday, so that's good. I'm not quite sure if the trainer knows that I'm not Hungarian and can't always understand him. I should probably make sure. They want me to do the Butterfly and Breast Stroke too, so, new things there all around.

This morning was singing class and, for once, we actually got to sing. It was just a round of some kid song, but it was good. I even got marks for it. I wonder if CBHS will recognise ének óra as credit for school?

Yesterday, I had to perform a part of The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe, to my class. Let me tell you, that's no piece of cake in Magyar. I've been practicing all week. Could have been better, I suppose. I know my classmates all think that I have the most outrageous accent.

Föld Rajz test next Wednesday too. And the Hungarian Language test is coming ever closer. Hope all is good in the USA!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Quick update!

I might be going to Poland for a weekend, if I am lucky and can figure out how in the next 24 hours! I'm so excited! It should be good.


Monday, March 16, 2009



Just want to give a quick update on whats going on. I WENT TO CROATIA and it was awesome, of course! I got to see so many things. There was a short tour given by a guy called Lav (pronounced Love). He had the tour in English which was helpful, since I don't speak much Croatian.

We drove down on Saturday morning and walked around Zagreb for a few hours. We got to see a good portion of the city too. We saw the parliament, a famous street, Croatian crafts, the market, and so much more. It was really warm too. We didn't even need coats!

In the afternoon, my friend participated in a fencing tournament between Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovakian teams. That was pretty amazing! I have some photos that I will try to post later on.

So, it was a very short and fast day, but totally rocked!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


WOW, time sure does fly when you re having fun and when you don't have internet access everyday. Sorry about not blogging in nearly a month, but these last couple of weeks have been AWESOME! I don't really know where I should start...

Two weekends ago seems like a good place. So, I went with my friend from Ohio and her hosts to see caves in Aggtelek! They are some of the best in Hungary and overlap with some in Slovakia. We were that far north. I slept over at her house and left bright and early in the morning. Saturday we only had a short tour, but afterwards we decided it would be fun to summit the mountain. Hum. Lets just say it was very slippery, snowy, muddy, and steep, but the top had an awesome view. There were all of these ancient old metal frames of buildings up there too, from when they used to mine iron there.

We spent the night in a hotel nearby and I learned how to play a seriously complicated card game in Hungarian. That was a site, I'm sure, but it was great! Next day we set off for a 5 hour hike through the caves that turned into 8 hours and 21 kilometers. Check out my Facebook for some pictures. The stalactites and everything in there were amazing. They were shaped like the Statue of Liberty, dragons, dogs, freaky vampiric looking ones, little pink ones, orange, green, clay, mud, and who knows what else! In two of the bigger caverns, there were light shows and music shows, awesome acoustics in there! I went back to Budapest that night.

Then there was the chapter meeting, other things that I can't remember at the moment, and school, lots of that. I went to dance class, drawing, and started swimming. Unfortunately, I'm not going today because my host sister and anya are sick. But its spring!

In school, we have been opening the windows even! Well, we opened them during the winter too, I guess, but now I don't freeze as quickly!

So, what else... Oh! GUESS WHAT! Yesterday my friend asked me to go with her to Croatia on Saturday! I know, right! So, I've been frantically sending off permission forms, but if it all comes together I will bet to go on a day trip to Croatia to watch European fencing! How cool is that?

Sunday, I'm also going to be going to Győr, which is way North West of Hungary! I also just found out that the Hungarian language exam is to take place in Szeged, so, I will have traveled quite a lot by the time July comes.

School was good today, we learned how to do the Rumba. For the last few weeks we have been waltzing. Yeah... tomorrow are 2 Hungarian classes, back-to-back after school, and I must write an essay for irodalom on Friday. OK, wow, March is going to fly by.

Hope everything is marvelous in the USA! Still seems to be winter there, from what I've heard. OK, again, I have uploaded pictures on my Facebook, not many, but some. OK, Sziasztok!