Saturday, August 30, 2008

View from Gul Babas tomb.

I went to see Gul Baba's tomb. It is only a short walk up the many alley streets behind Romer Floris.

Gul Baba means father of roses. He was a Turkish dervish, his tomb is octagonal though I couldn't see inside of it.

Friday, August 29, 2008


parliament as we drive past


Romer Floris

People from Turkey doing a turkish dance. This was the culture presentaion thing.


Yes, we are American... Us at the orientation camp.


This is Margit Island from the plane. Sorry for the lack of pictures, it takes for ever to load them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I got to harvest paprika! It was so cool! But I have to go now.




Zurich airport.

Monday, August 25, 2008


So I've been here for a few days now, I think that it is monday evening, about 8 or something, i dont know at all, everything is so blurry the last week. So here is the summary of where i have been so far since leaving Maine.

I was at the airport really early wednesday morning, but the plane was delayed for hours because there was some kind of computer problem that they could not fix until the crew came to work at like 7 or something. I sat next to this lady who was very strange. She was going to syracuse or something i think, but anyway. the plane finally took off and i was in ny in about an hour and a half. When I got there the airport was very easy to negotiate, thank god, nothing like their bus station, right izzy? So i got my luggage, but i had already missed the group of other afsers so i had to find the air train and take it somewhere to call a complimentary van or something. that didnt work out so great though. nothing at the air train was labeled, so i got on mabye three of them and eveentually one of them said my stop and i got off. then i waited for the van in the wrong spot fo EVER, but i made it there in the end.

'There' was the JFK double tree hotel that we had to stay in for so long. i met some of the other people going to hungary there, it was very weird, I was prepared for the culture shock here in budapest, but not in ny with all of the other americans. they arent anything like mainers, or at least the ones who go to casco bay. so there was mabye 150 of them, and about 20 going to hungary. i will upload pictures at some point but its too late now. we were in their huge room for ever, we just hung out for hours on end, there were only a couple of organised things that went on. we watched a movie on gestures, thats about it.

I roomed with this girl from arizona or california or something, she was really nice. so the next day we got to the airport fine and through customs, but everysingle time i was selected for screening. But anyways, we sat there for a while and played cards and things. then the swiss air got there and we got on, th ey didnt make us get off like the flight to maine though so that was good. they gave us all kinds or weird foodand things. your right though mom, there isnt ice in anything! but i will get over it. the flight to zurich was strange, i got mabye 2 hours of sleep, we had little tv things with games. It was very cool! So we landed in zurich and it was awesome! took some pictures, nothing to great, got on another plane to budapest and then got there! I took some pictures of the alps and weird buildings from the plane. in budapest we all kind of wandered around. the atm there didnt work so I didnt have any money yet there. We got on a bus with all kinds or italians and germans.

there at the camp it was very cool, it was on a lake but we didnt get to swim. met LOTS more people, all of the people from hungary spoke english which was weird, but there was a girl from brasil in my cabin, as well as from hong cong, germany, turkey. the thing was kind of unorganised, we mostly just stood around in groups and talked there were some activities. the one i liked the best was a culture presention to all of the groups. we were supposed to have one for the US but we didnt, so we improvised. we did the ymca, yep, the ymca. AND IT WAS GREAT! its weird to see a huge room of people from everywhere on the globe all dancing to one lame some together. there was lots of other music and things too.

the food was good, tons of potatoes at the camp though, with like half a cup of sour cream with each. one time i got two 1 x 5 x 5 in peices of deep fried mozzerella, it was interesting. but we got chesnut filled crepes, greek salad, and open faced sandwiches.

the last day we got to meet our host families. we had to memorize this thing to say to the whole group of host families. it was something like a nevem Veronika. americabol jottem, ...... sonething something something. and a lot more i remember but cant type with the accents you know?

so my host family is awesome! very nice, mira took me to the stables for a while yesterday, been watching hungarian tv (a lot like american and australian) been to margit islang, the park, seen parliament, learned a few words, the alphabet, met shy satyar, csovi ( who is HUGE) eated strange but good food, marveled at the weird trees, gotten lost in the house a few times, tried to work the shower, been to mamut (large mall) walked all around, seen the awesome public transport, and ate nuts off the trees. ok, i have to go! viszontlatasra!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13 hours left!

I can't believe that the time has come at last! Today was my last day in Maine and tomorrow I will be leaving the airport at 6:00 am!!!!!!!!!! See you in Budapest!

Friday, August 8, 2008

12 Days!

I leave for JFK in 12 days!!! The plan is to have a one and a half day orientation there, get on a plane to switzerland, transfer to on to Budapest, have a few day orientation there, then meet my family! After that I have no idea what anything will be like. Getting very excited!